Some of our fabrics :

TARA - (fabric with cotton-polyester under-layer) and SINTARA (fabric without under-layer) are smooth fabrics (without patterns), in wide range of colors (green colors, pastel colors), imitating suede.
TRAYUMF - on the other hand is a fabric without under-layer, smooth, in wide range of colors (green colors, pastel colors), comfortable in sewing, with a long nap, giving the "hyalography" effect.
NEVADA - is the pressed fabric with a delicate pattern i n soil colors, pastel colors as well as very intensive colors meeting the fashion trends.
CHENILLE - (high-quality chenille of American production) is a fabric with wide range of colors, strong and elegant.
Every ANIMALS - soft fabric and gentle in touch, fluffy, coated with hair imitating animal leather, with rich pattern range, comfortable in sewing.

Our textiles' technical Data

Fabrics offered by texaltra polska are manufactured with the use of the latest technology, which caused breakthrough in the production of furniture-covering. They receive great recognition among the most demanding clients from the most reputable furniture salons in Poland and other countries of western and eastern Europe. Products sold by the company possess laboratory and ISO 2000 certificates.

Please check our "Products" category for more specific technical data about our fabrics.